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Recognizing the courage of entrepreneurs

When attempting the entrepreneurial journey, many entrepreneurs fail to consider the risks involved. This is especially true for newbie entrepreneurs. The likelihood of failure for a newbie entrepreneur is relatively high because of how challenging it is. Very few entrepreneurs would attempt the process again after either failing or succeeding. To give you an idea, even the founder of Nvidia today, a very successful entrepreneur, when asked what he would do differently if he could turn back the clock, said: « I wouldn’t do it, » explaining how hard it was and the sacrifices needed. Elon Musk once said, « It is like eating glass and staring into the abyss of death. » These harsh quotes can give an idea of what many entrepreneurs go through. Hence, we believe they deserve all the credit in the world: not just when they succeed, but when they try. Not just the founders, but anyone working for these young businesses. They often go as unsung heroes.

Entrepreneurs sacrifice everything, and take unbearable risk that sometimes pushes their limit and peaks stress levels. They are essential to society as the risk they take sometimes pans out solving major problems or gaps of an evolving world. We want to recognize that. They journey is long, the pay many times low, at least initially, and the upside always uncertain and holding to a shoestring. 

To us, Entrepreneurship is like surfing in some ways, just like how life is for all of us. First, one needs to decide they want to surf. Then you have to be prepared and trained for it. Typically, most of the training is received from the ocean itself. It is often an unforgiving teacher, telling you if you are right or wrong by rewarding you with either a freeing, sensational ride or a white water, salty water drinking near-drowning episode.

Life and entrepreneurship entail an ocean of opportunities. Each opportunity is characterized by small, medium, large, and sometimes epic waves. Sometimes, there’s even a calm sea with no waves at all.

The ocean is a magnificent place, just like the chance we are given living on this earth, but it doesn’t come without its dangers. Prefer places known for dolphins than sharks, even though sharks are most often just eating you by mistake. 

This page was created as a recognition for all those attempting the entrepreneurial journey or attempting to have a successful and happy life.

The key for us is to know that one can always stay on the beach watching until they feel ready, or get on that board and start surfing. Pace yourself, make sure you are trained, and if the waves are indeed high, that you have the right lifeguards around you. 

We admire you for your courage. Thank you for trying hard. Pace yourself, be kind to yourself and others. Remember to spend time with your family and friends.

Be kind to yourself. You’re not alone. Entrepreneurial and creative souls unite and protect you. They are all around. Things will work out. Be patient, be strong. 

Thanks for reading!

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