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Epic Wave Capital is at the forefront of today’s transformative era, harnessing the power of change. We invest in the trailblazers riding these waves: innovators, entrepreneurs, and their customers.

With two decades of experience in business creation, growth, turnaround, financing, and management, we champion those who strive for greatness. As the world evolves rapidly, we support and create businesses that transform human productivity, digital experiences and life. Our focus is set in gaining and growing equity value of companies with exceptional potential, driven by high-demand offerings and by teams committed to turning visions into results. 


Venture Studios

Innouvo Programs

Venture Studio with full new product launch and business growth capability. Innouvo has created >$10m of equity value through one of its in-house launched companies AI Lean. Innouvo has helped over 70 companies in the last few years achieve growth, pivot or obtain  funding. Innouvo offers end-to-end go-to-market and growth services.

Company Size: 5 Employees

#NewProductDevelopment #BusinessCreation #Growth Advisory #EcosystemDevelopment

Innouvo Health

Sub-brand and ecosystem of Innouvo Programs. Innouvo Health has advised healthcare related startups on US & global expansion strategies. Innouvo Health helped shape up Strasbourg’s Healthcare innovation ecosystem and was the principal advisor to Nextmed, the city’s (European Capital) healthcare building complex bringing together hospitals, doctors, entrepreneurs and public investors. Innouvo led a 3-year Healthcare innovation bridge between Boston & Strasbourg and continues to be involved in driving innovation forward and dynamizing healthcare ecosystems and businesses.

Company Size: 5 Employees

#NewProductDevelopment #BusinessCreation #Growth Advisory #EcosystemDevelopment

Enterprise SaaS

AI Lean

A SaaS & Automation Service company helping the digital transformation of commercial real estate, more particularly self-storage businesses. Serving close to 1,000 locations at the end of 2023, AI Lean currently helps automate and drive compliance for the liens and auctions process. AI Lean serves REITs, Mid-size operators and third-party management companies as well as family owned properties. It’s solution helps drive more cash in the door, less bad debt and increased NOI performance in inflationary times.

Company Size: 15 Employees

#Saas #EnterpriseAutomation #Selfstorage #DataAnalytics#DigitalTransformation #CommercialRealEstate

XR / VR / AR


Yoy offers high quality VR/XR products primarily focused on training and serving key markets in need such as Mining, Construction, Ports and Technical & Mechanical Education. Yoy’s business model includes pay-per-use saas licenses as well as customer ground up product development.

Company Size: 25 Employees

#VirtualRealityProducts #ExtendedReality #Metaverse #Virtualization #ProductDevelopment #LaborShortages #Trainings #CareerDevelopment

Sona BIM

The company was started by highly talented and successful architects. They have developed a software that allows real-time collaboration between teams in buildings’ digital twins. They serve key and sensitive construction and building management companies such as general real estate, railways, entertainment and also nuclear space.

Company Size: 5 Employees

#BuildingManagement #DigitalTwins #Metaverse #Architecture #CommercialRealEstate #Software #Saas #BIM

Property Tech


We have invested in Wehost, a company that has tripled its revenue since joining the Innouvo program. Wehost provides real estate owners with an end-to-end tech-enabled service to manage property rentals on sites such as Airbnb.
In a world in which more wealth is accumulated, tourism is boosted. Wehost capitalizes on this trend and has large market shares in top visited cities including Paris.

#Software #PassiveIncomeCreation #GigEconomy #Housing #CommercialRealEstate #PropertyManagement #Airbnb

Company Size: 30 Employees

Online Influencers

Creative Mavericks

Online commerce is shifting gears, influencers, augmented reality and the metaverse are coming together. The future will be fueled by amazing content creators, ai and new business models. Creative Mavericks provides partnership that help online entrepreneurs and influencers seize that wave, offering them a business system that saves them time, brings them revenue, profits and B2B partnerships transforming their creative idea, venture into high revenue generating ventures.

#Creatives #Artists #SocialMediaInfluencers #B2B #SalesSystem #OnlineBusiness #Partnerships

Company Size: 3 Employees

Hardware Plays


Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HyperloopTT) is a global collaborative company focused on developing the Hyperloop, a proposed high-speed transportation system. The Hyperloop concept involves transporting passengers and goods in capsules through low-pressure tubes at high speeds, aiming to drastically reduce travel times over medium to long distances compared to traditional rail or air travel. HyperloopTT is one of the companies pioneering this technology, working on research, development, and deployment of the Hyperloop system.

#HyperloopTT #FutureOfTransport #HighSpeedTravel #InnovationInTransit #SustainableTransport

Company Size: Undisclosed

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